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Gorgeous big boob model Roxee Robinson returns to XLGirls.ComGorgeous glamour model and hardcore actress Roxee Robinson has amassed an intense collection of solo and hardcore sex scenes over the past couple of years, with each new video she appears in she looks sexier and more alluring than the one before.

We love Roxee with a passion and see her as a rare natural beauty who has the perfect combination of passion and personality, her flowing red hair and huge boobs are framed by a full figured body that will turn you on until you’re ready to bust.

In her latest video for XLGirls.Com title ‘Nurse Big Tits‘, Roxee plays a wet nurse who is more concerned with curing her own aching desire to get off then she is in helping her patient get on the mend.

She does offer up a good dose of nipples and tits and it seems to bring her patient to a better place, inside her hot horny pussy. Fans of Roxee’s are going to love this scene, time to renew your subscription to ScoreGroup now.

Nurse Roxee Offers Sexual Healing

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