Introducing Lila Lovely

Gorgeous blond bombshell Lila Lovely is the hottest BBW sensation featured now at plumper-love.comFans of BBW Adult have a gorgeous new performer to adore, and her name is Lila Lovely. This buxom blond bombshell is as exciting and alluring a model as we’ve seen in the last few years, and she’s been working hard to bring us the best erotic performances to turn you on.

Lila is a very down to earth girl from the Mid West, she has an engaging personality and a sexy body that you’ll find hard taking your eyes off of. She has gained a lot of hardcore experience in her short time in the adult industry, and has been natural in front of the camera from the start. There are very few limits to what she is willing to do on screen, and has already filmed some very erotic anal, group, and girl-girl videos.

Please join us in welcoming a very beautiful and vivacious performancer, as well as a delightful girl who we hope you enjoy and support.

Plumper-Love: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us Lila, could you tell us where you are from and what inspired you to enter the adult business?

Lila: I had been exploring the kink community and been becoming more comfortable with my body. I saw an opportunity to model and went for it. From there it has taken off in a short period of time.

Plumper-Love: (Answer this if you are from Wisconsin) Are you a Packers fan and do you have a Cheese Hat?

Lila: Yes to both questions:) I’m not a huge sports girl but the Packers are like our religion back home. I do enjoy going out and supporting our team. And I’ll wear my cheese hat proudly.

Plumper-Love: Before entering the adult business, was there a performer who inspired you or that you looked up to?

Lila: To be honest I really knew nothing about the industry before getting into it. But I do really look up to Eliza Allure. She’s a business savvy woman and commitment to changing industry standards.

Plumper-Love: Tell us about some of the work you’ve done thus far, websites, DVD’s, magazine layouts. And what was your very first scene like, being new to the business.

Lila: I work with Jeffs Models PlumperNation, and Score XLgirls. My very fist scenes are out right now from Melon Jugglers. I felt very comfortable even though we shot some pics at a busy beach area. It was really a blast!

Plumper-Love: Do you have any limits taboos as far as what you’ll perform in your scenes? And what type of sex scenes are you currently filming, girl-girl, boy-girl, groups, solo.

Lila: My limits are limited. I’m loving filming many different types of scenes. Being new it allows me to find my niche as well. I’ve filmed girl-girl, boy-girl, groups and solos 🙂

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Lila Lovely - Plumper- Love InterviewLila Lovely - Plumper- Love InterviewLila Lovely - Plumper- Love InterviewLila Lovely - Plumper- Love Interview

Plumper-Love: What are you impressions of the adult business, and specifically the BBW niche?

Lila: The adult industry is one of the oldest industries out there. I’m thoroughly enjoying myself being on film. I work independently as well so that allows me the ability to choose the work I wave to be involved in. As far as the BBW niche goes, I think it’s great. I’m proud to represent the BBW community and push industry standards.

Plumper-Love: Who are the men who are loving your scenes (beside us here at, are they young, older, any specific demographic associated with BBW porn. Would you say BBW Adult is more popular in America, or abroad.

Lila: I’m finding many middle eastern men love the BBWS. Same with the UK. But honestly it surprises me everyday the amount of men coming forward and showing their love for us.

Plumper-Love: Have you or will you be doing anal scenes in your movies, is that something you enjoy? And have you or would you be willing to do a DP (double penetration) on screen?

Lila: I have a few snap scenes out already. And yes, it is something I really enjoy both on film and in my personal relationships. I have not tried DP yet. But definitely something I’m down to to do!!

Plumper-Love: I’m sure there are a lot of fans who would love to cum on your sexy body, did taking ‘the money shot’ in your movies take some adjustments, or do you like for your partner to shoot on you.

Lila: I love feeling those warm cumshots!!

Plumper-Love: Do men recognize you on the street or in public from seeing you in video? How has the transition of becoming a ‘porn star’ effected you, if at all.

Lila: I have had a few people recognize me. But they were sweet and kindly left me a saying they saw me out and about. My status as a porn star has not affected me. I’m still super easy going and chill and will always be.

Plumper-Love: Do you attend trades shows and have you had the opportunity of meeting your fans in person?

Lila: I attended BBWCON last year and I plan on attending this year as well. I was still very new last year. I’m looking forward to connecting with more fans this year. I’ll also be doing some events during the AVN awards this year.

Plumper-Love: Name one of your favorites scenes or experiences in the adult business?

Lila: Hands down my favorite scene was with Shane Diesel. It was my first time shooting with PlumperPass. I was s bit star struck!! But not only was his massive cock magical he was such a cool dude.

Plumper-Love: Do you have any specific interests as far as what you’d like to do in a scene, or do you simply go with the flow on set?

Lila: I’m definitely a go with the flow type of girl. There usually is room for creativity during the scene so I can always put my personal spin on it.

Plumper-Love: Are you currently doing cam shows? What can your fans expect in the future from you?

Lila: I’m not camming yet. But within the next month I will be!! Look for opportunities to do Skype dates and watch me on cam.

Plumper-Love: Lila, it’s been absolutely thrilling getting to speak with you and we thank you for your time. How can your fans reach you, i.e. Social Media, Fan Page, Website?

Lila: Thank you!! You can follow me on

Twitter @Lila_lovelyxxx
Tumblr LilaLovelyxxx
IG Lila_lovelyBBW

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