Vanya Vixen Interview

Sexy BBW Adult newcomer Vanya Vixen sits down with for her first ever interviewShe’s pretty as a peach and sweet as cotton candy, but don’t let the girl next door looks fool you, Vanya Vixen is here to make you horny.

Vanya wants you to desire her, and with all the sexy she’s bringing to her scenes, you will want to get to know this voluptuous beauty on all levels.

Vanya is brand new to BBW Adult and has been captivating fans with her lusty hardcore scenes for sites like XLGirls.Com, PlumperPass.Com, and looks poised as a feature performer for future DVD projects.

We recently had a chance to sit down with this sultry newcomer and we’re thrilled to feature her in our first Interview for Plumper-Love.

Vanya is as down to earth as she is alluring, she loves her fans and wants to add more followers to her journey in the adult entertainment business.

Vanya’s Interview

Plumper-Love: Everybody loves a sexy new face in the adult industry, what motivated you to start performing in glamour and hardcore scenes, and at this point in your life?

VanyaVixen: “Honesty, it is not that gripping of a story, but I started modeling in 2013 because I heard a lot of photogs “complain” they didn’t have enough variety in their port, because it was challenging to find mature and/or plump subjects to photograph. I was well received, and it was requested of me to do nude pics and that lead to requests for videos and here we are!

I, unfortunately, have permanent injuries from an accident which prevent me from the work I used to do, and I am a single mother. Thus, I was initially driven by the promise of high pay. However, it is a lot more work for less net income, than most may believe.

Nevertheless, I am invested, and I’m driven, so I am hanging in there. it is always interesting work; I feel I have potential to go far, and that’s my plan (and to have a lot of fun while at it, of course). We only live once!

Plumper-Love: How has the experience been for you, stripping and performing for the camera, and what type of scenes have you done thus far?

VanyaVixen: “It is surreal! It pushed my insecurities to the limit at first, but so far, has served to make me a more confident woman. I didn’t realize how many people appreciate bbw, milf, and/or alternative women! Did I mention that I love my fans”

Plumper-Love: What would you say about your sexy that men are most attracted to, your ass, your tits, your feet, your smile?

VanyaVixen: “I don’t feel that it is a specific body part or detail, rather, the sense that I am REAL, in general. Meaning, I am not only all-natural physically, but a genuine down to earth girl, flaws and all. I am me, not a persona”

Plumper-Love: You’re a very pretty woman, very engaging and a natural in front of the camera. Did you have prior modeling experience before you entered into adult?

VanyaVixen: “Thank you. Yes. I also have performance experience, as I was in entertainment dept at both of the major FL theme parks, with a degree in performing arts. I have also done some voice over work (but whatever you do, don’t ask me to sing, that is not a pleasant thing at all, lol”

Plumper-Love: If you had the chance or choice to write a hardcore scene for yourself, or live out a personal fantasy on film, what would it be like?

VanyaVixen: “PRETTY WOMAN! For sure! The old movie starring Julia Roberts.”

Plumper-Love: I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you about your tattoos, they are very decorative well placed on your body. How long have you been wearing them, and is there a particular story behind your designs? Have you found the men are attracted to your tattoos as well?

VanyaVixen: “The L arm sleeve is a garden theme with the quote “be the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it” it represents my dark past, and my believe in personal evolution through self awareness. Thanks to artist Earl F. at Trinity Tattoo, who is also in the process of completing my chest piece, a crystal heart with geodes. It is amazing to me that so many things, like crystals, can thrive and flourish in harsh environments and geodes, but a plain rock, once broken open, reveal such beauty inside.

My R arm, done by Ted R. at Toxic Ink, is a mechanical fairy flying through space. Just a unique take on the standard fairy tattoos everyone else wears. I like to be unique.”

Plumper-Love: Have you, or will you be performing in girl girl scenes, and what limitations sexually do you have that you would not be willing to try for a scene?

VanyaVixen: “No? But damn if I know or understand why the hell not?! Lol! I am perfectly willing! I just have not had any employment opportunities for that genre… yet. The only scenes I’ve done are 2 solos and 4 boy/girl. You can find those on PlumperPass.Com and the final scene on XLgirls.Com has yet to be released and, of course, they saved the best for last, so be on the lookout!

As for limits, I am very open minded, but I am definitely Domina; I do not do hardcore sub work, I don’t tolerate degradation nor severe pain inflicted upon me. I don’t have any interest in the harsh fetishes such as asphyxiation, or any kind of “play” with scat, blood, vomit, etc. I don’t judge anyone who consensually performs those acts, but they’re not for me personally.”

Plumper-Love: What projects do you have forthcoming, and what direction do you see your career in adult taking?

VanyaVixen: “I hope to make this into a lucrative career with which I can support my family, foremost! As for other projects, if one were to follow me on Twitter @VanyaVixen they’d be first to know… I take orders for private collections materials, custom vids, Skype/camshow, I sell pre-loved garments, and as of most recent, I’m a featured model at Red Sky Comics. I’m featured as Lydia St. Claire the vampire huntress. Go buy the comic book please!

Lastly, and most importantly, I am on an incessant fan hunt, especially for those willing/able to sponsor, invest, barter a loan for an employment deal, or otherwise offer goods and services meant to further my success and happiness! You can find my Amazon wishlist in the bio at the top of my Twitter page, should you be kind enough to spoil me. my birthday is in August! Mwah ?? Also guys, be sure you let me know you jerked off to my latest Hardcore Scene

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